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Duties and Responsibilities of an Evangelist
An evangelist is committed to the ministry of propagating the gospel of Jesus Christ.An evangelist is different from a pastor in that he does not have a flock to lead, but he may be working directly with a local church.

Propagating the word of God is the main work of evangelists. They do not manage the church, which, according to the Bible, is the job of the church elders. The word, "evangelist," is from the Greek word, "euaggelistes," which refers to a deliverer of good news. The apostle, Paul, instructed Timothy to "do the job of an evangelist" (2 Timothy 4:5). 

Evangelists dedicate their time to Bible study. In 2 Timothy 2:15, the apostle, Paul, also told the evangelist, Timothy, to learn the doctrines of the faith. The apostle also asked Timothy to fix the false beliefs of people, as contained in 2 Timothy 4: 2. Confident with their knowledge of the Bible, evangelists can perform their duty of helping people who have beliefs in contrast to the word of God.

Evangelists preach the gospel within their communities or in other communities wherein they would like to serve. Some evangelists even travel overseas to speak in churches as well as conferences. The churches or organizations they work with may also set up evangelistic crusades in certain areas. Or they can help establish new churches where there have been no churches built before. 

To help in their duties are local churches, where evangelists update the believers - including church leaders - on their ministry. They keep close relations with their church, and maintain their liability to leaders and members alike. Their home church or local church typically supports them economically, so they present regular reports to their church, particularly if they are working overseas. Some evangelists are associated with national and global organizations, and in such a case, they receive direction and guidance from the organizations' leaders.

Who May Work As an Evangelist?

The depends is going to depend on what type of work is needed. Evangelists may be qualified to work in certain fields but not others. In comparison to other offices comprehended in the apostleship, there were none who were required a greater diversity of endowments than an evangelist. It is dependent on the field of labor to be occupied by the evangelist, whether he needs to speak one or a lot of languages. His job is to proclaim the Word comprehensibly and convincingly, to immerse all his his ministry's converts or believers, and to build and organize churches wherever he gets the chance. Then he has to teach them to live according to the Lord's commandments.

For an Evangelist to succeed, he should have more than just vision. He should understand his responsibilities thoroughly in being in this line of work.